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Committed to delivering integrated solutions to achieve an accelerated revenue flow for you.

Who we are?

QWay navigates and works towards the delivery of excellent Information Technology and Training Services with innovation, scalability, and promptness as the driving factors of the company’s growth.

We aspire to achieve accelerated revenue flow for your organization with a specialized team of professionals endowed with quality training and expertise for providing integrated and customized solutions.


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QWay is a global business outsourcing provider steered by innovation, scalability, accuracy, and accessibility driving the company’s growth. We possess a strong background in Revenue Cycle Management and deliver services with a clientele based in the U.S., the U.K., and the European Union.

QWay expands further to deliver Information Technology and training services. We are committed to advancing ourselves and aim at rendering value to our customers. We focus on hiring a specialized team of professionals with quality standards and expertise to provide customized solutions to any industry or business.

We appreciate the value of comprehensive work with the major goal of escalating client satisfaction and eventually upholding our mantra, SAVE COST, INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND ACHIEVE GROWTH.

Our Services

Accelerating Digitization

Consultancy and information technology-enabled services provided by QWay take us a few notches above the average industry standards. It enhances agile, efficient, and cost-effective solutions, which guarantees a better outcome for the clients.


We offer you the tools you require to realize your vision, increase reimbursement rates, and expand your scope to meet your end-to-end RCM objectives.

Customer success

We heavily undertake investment in customer success and loyalty by providing proactive and integrated business solutions.


We aid in creating a powerful digital ecosystem and transforming at a faster rate to meet the tailored business goals.


Our healthcare provider credentialing tool that is seamless to use and gathers credentialing information as per payer requirements.

Provider Credentialing Software

Orca Cred

Collaborate with your payers seamlessly

Every day you engage with payers, and sometimes those discussions can be challenging. From the first verification of a patient's eligibility through the satisfactory conclusion of your reimbursement, Orca Cred facilitates communication with your payers.

With its user-friendly interface and support for numerous workflows, Orca Cred makes it easier to share administrative, clinical, and financial data with your payers.