Orca cred

Your one-stop credentialing destination

Orca Cred is a cloud-based platform that maintains your business compliant in a simple way. Manage and securely keep your team's credentials and licenses in one location that is accessible and simple to find.

What is Orca Cred?

Orca Cred is a dedicated software to handle provider credentialing, taking it to the next. The system does the main source verification once you first log in all of your required documents to ensure that your papers are error-free. You can examine and submit new documents at any moment if a mistake occurs. By doing this, you can be confident that your application won’t cause any trouble once it has been submitted to the appropriate authorities.

Our credentialing software accommodates with better configuration essential for feasible credentialing services. It offers numerous more capabilities, like e-signatures, encrypted access, cloud storage, and many others. Consider it a wise investment for you if you want to benefit from the newest technologies to stay on top of your game. The automated systems will get rid of any mistakes brought on by the human tiredness that is frequently seen during manual handling.

Who can use?

Features of Orca Cred

  • Centralized License
  • Cloud Based System
  • Workflow Automation
  • Customized Reporting
  • Appealing Interface
  • Document Expiration Management
  • Electronic Forms and e-signatures
  • Secure database management
  • SPOC – Single Point of Contact